Sardinia Hidden Secrets

Sardinia is Italy’s second-biggest Island, situated to the west of the peninsula in the Mediterranean Sea. It has so many things to offer, and one of the great things about it is that it isn’t as popular as its bigger brother, Sicily.

Sardinia Hidden Secrets:

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That means it is an ideal place if you’re not fond of those busy touristy areas and are also looking for somewhere a little bit cheaper but without having to say no to outstanding natural beauty and wonderful weather.

Sardinia’s Most Amazing Features:

One of Sardinia’s most amazing features is, without a doubt, its crystal-clear waters. The sea resorts on the Island are one of the top destinations for Italians who live on the peninsula. Also, they have attracted famous people around the world, such as Bill Gates, who is known to leave his yacht in the bay of Porto Rotondo up north. Its amazing waters are home to incredible wildlife, such as Monk seals, Turtles, and Fin whales. Not to mention hundreds of colourful fish. Other than snorkelling, the Mediterranean Sea allows numerous water activities, such as water skiing and banana boating, and thanks to the winds, surfing is also possible.

Heading Back On Land:

Heading back on land
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Heading back on land, one of Sardinia’s main historical attractions is the Nuraghi, a beehive-like stone building from the bronze age found only in Sardinia. There are approximately 8000 of these structures around the Island, and they are thought to have been religious temples or strongholds. Fascinating!

Traveling Around Sardinia:

Traveling Around Sardinia
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When traveling around Sardinia, your Italian phrase book may be of no use, as the locals speak a very strict dialect, which the Italians call “Sardo,” which is more similar to Spanish than Italian. This is because Sardinia was part of Spain for nearly 250 years, from 1479 to 1714. Don’t worry; in the Island’s capital (Cagliari) and most of the bigger towns on the coast, a lot of people speak English!

Dining In Sardinia:

Dining in Sardinia
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When it comes to dining in Sardinia, you won’t be disappointed. Italy has the best cuisine in the world, and you will have to try the more well-known dishes such as spaghetti alla bolognese and Risotto!

There are also many typical Sardinian dishes worth your while, like Porcheddu. Which is pork that has been frequently basted, and Culurgiones, ravioli-type pasta filled with pecorino cheese. Yum!

By Other Countries:

Suppose you are looking to have a great time in the evening. In that case, the island capital, Cagliari, has a busy nightlife scene with plenty of bars, clubs, and “enotecas”. Which are the Italian wine bars fondly visited by the Americans and English.

Sardinia For A Cultural:

Sardinia for a cultural
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If you are visiting Sardinia for a cultural visit instead. Then the two towns are quite popular for their Roman remains. The first is Tharros, close to Oristano to the west, and the other is Nora down South. Both archaeological sites are located next to the sea, which makes them great choices for a day out. Combining a lovely walk in ancient Roman streets with a nice dive in Sadinia’s clean sky-blue waters.

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