Top 10 Historical Attractions in the United Kingdom

Visiting the United Kingdom is an exciting prospect. And there are so many fantastic destinations, and it can be hard to decide which spots to focus on. The expansive history of the UK can help make those determinations. Here are the most interesting historical destinations in the UK.

United Kingdom:

Stonehenge: No one is 100 per cent certain of its origin, but most theories posit that Stonehenge was created as either an astrological observatory or a religious ceremonial site. These huge stones form a ring almost a quarter of a mile around the Salisbury Plain in United Kingdom.

Tower Of London:

Tower of London
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Much more than a medieval prison and torture chamber, this symbol of the Norman Conquest was begun by William the Conqueror in 1066-67. It houses the crown jewels as well as priceless weaponry and artefacts.

Westminster Abbey:

Westminster Abbey
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The Abbey has served as the coronation church since 1066 and is the resting place of 17 monarchs and countless poets, philosophers, and others who played important roles in English history. Hadrian’s Wall: Built by Roman Emperor Hadrian during a time of shaky peace between Romans and native Britons, the wall was a defensive boundary. Construction began in 122 AD. Walking its path takes about a week, but it’s an exercise in the history of two of the world’s greatest empires.

Shakespeare Houses:

Shakespeare Houses
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William Shakespeare’s houses will captivate readers and history buffs alike. Shakespeare’s Birthplace, Nash’s House & New Place, and Hall’s Croft are in central Stratford. Anne Hathaway’s Cottage is about three miles from Stratford Centre. The last of the houses is Mary Arden’s Farm, located in Wilmcote.

Buckingham Castle:

Buckingham Castle
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Built in 1703 for the Duke of Buckingham, the Castle became the royal family’s residence in 1837. Nineteen state rooms are open to the public for eight weeks out of the year. The Queen and other royals use these same rooms for both state and ceremonial occasions.

Edinburgh Castle:

Edinburgh Castle
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This is an icon of Scotland. It has lavish royal apartments. The Castle houses Scotland’sScotland’s crown jewels and the Stone of Destiny.

The Cathedral, City Of Canterbury:

The Cathedral, City of Canterbury
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Charged with restoring Christianity to southern England, St. Augustine founded the first cathedral in England in 597 AD. Ruins of the first cathedral remain, and visitors will feel awed as they approach this historic and ancient city.


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The Romans built the city of Bath around a natural hot spring. Much of the original architecture still stands, making it seem like one has truly stepped back when entering this magnificent city.

Cambridge, England:

Cambridge, England
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This fantastic university city has much more to offer than just the university. The medieval streets offer both modern nightlife and a walk back into history. The city is small enough to navigate easily by foot and offers museums and historic churches. Visiting the UK will leave an indelible mark on your mind. Taking history is something that everyone should do as they walk these ancient streets and monuments.

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