Houston cuisine; head to the city with flavour in its heart

If you’re planning a trip to Houston cuisine, Texas, then you’ll want to know what kind of food you’ll be eating when you’re out and about. It’s a city which is big on dining.

Houston Cuisine:

Houston cuisine
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In recent years, it has been named the eating-out capital of America. With more people from Houston eating out regularly than those in any other State. There are three main tasty influences you’ll see on the menus of the area;

  • Tex-Mex
  • Louisiana Creole
  • Vietnamese
  • Tex-Mex cuisine

Of all restaurant choices, Tex-Mex is just about the most popular option with diners. There are numerous Mexican restaurants in Houston, and the majority have accents of flavour that originate from Texan culture. The rise of Tex-Mex is due to the number of Mexicans who moved to the States and shared their love of their national foods. Spicy starters with fantastic beef sit alongside each other in well-established eateries. With the cost of eating out, which is particularly inexpensive in Houston. It’s no wonder so many people like to add jalapeno to their steak regularly.

Louisiana Creole Cuisine:

Louisiana Creole cuisine
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When the Louisiana Creole community settled in Houston in the 1920s, they brought mouth-watering cuisine with them to eat at their tables, sell as street vendors, and then in restaurants around the city. Because of the no-zoning rule in the city, it has always been straightforward to open somewhere for people to gather and enjoy food, and after World War 2, the passion for Louisiana Creole food quickly spread. This was due to the opening of several chains, including Popeye’s, Pappadeux, and Frenchy’s Chicken.

If you eat at a Louisiana Creole restaurant in Houston, expect the menu to include black rice and shrimp creole, jambalaya, gumbo, and boudin, a French type of black pudding.

Vietnamese Cuisine:

Vietnamese cuisine
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The rich flavours of Vietnamese food arrived in Houston when groups of immigrants made the city their home. There are now many restaurants that serve homemade food with strong Vietnamese roots. But fusion food is now very common, with the taste of Vietnam being combined with Louisiana cuisine; spiced crawfish is one prevalent example.

Visitors to Houston will see many seafood restaurants called ‘You buy, we fry’. Vietnamese Americans mostly operate them and bring the navigational skills of those who originated from Vietnam to the table of those who want super fresh fish and seafood such as shrimp.

Why It’s Great To Eat Out In Houston:

The reasons Houston is such a great place to eat out are a unique combination of factors: the ethnic diversity of the area. The port with fantastic seafood available fresh each day, and the proximity to the foods of nearby Louisiana. For those who are celebrating with a romantic meal because they are on vacation or have recently got engaged and are looking at wedding rings. Houston is a city where dining options are available on almost every street corner.

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