Top 3 Places for Brunch in East Village

New York City is home to thousands of restaurants, many of which are listed as the country’s best eats. So, how do you go about finding something as simple as the best brunch in a city where dozens of restaurants in varying boroughs all boast to have the best? We have discussed the Top 3 places for brunch in East Village.

East Village:

Cafe Mogador
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While apps such as the YP Mobile Apitely help you find a good restaurant nearby, we have decided to help you out just a bit by providing the three best brunch spots in the East Village:

Cafe Mogador:

Arguably, one of the best places for brunch in the East Village is Cafe Mogador, located at 101 Saint Marks Place. The brunch menu is simple, with no more than eight items available, and each is prepared to utter perfection. The ingredients are inimaadded but added to each dish to give a perfect balance of flavour.

Eggs Benedict:

Eggs Benedict
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Any variety of the eggs benedict served at this is superb. Still, the Moroccan Benedict, a traditionally prepared egg benedict with spicy tomato and green pepper sauce, is simply one of a kind. However, if you aren’t in the mood for eggs benedict, the goat cheese, spinach, and omeletmelette is another great option.

Northern Spy Food Co:

Northern Spy Food Co
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Located at 511 East 12th Street, the Northern Spy FoodCo.o is a quaint little cafe offering local and seasonal fare. Served with an atmosphere-to-table table style, the restaurant offers a brunch menu larger than Mogador and a few great morning cocktails.

Although the menu is a bit larger, it is not more complex. The items listed are simple, such as the Slow-whisked scrambled eggs served on flatbread and the homestyle French Toast served with nothing more than maple whipped cream and candied pecans. However, each menu item is cooked with care and exceptional ingredients. So, if you are looking for a more homestyle brunch, consider giving Northern Spy Food Co’s Biscuits and Gravy a try, and be sure to top it off with a sake Bloody Mary.

Ciao For Now:

Located just a few doors up from the Northern Spy Food Co, Ciao for Now serves one of the least expensive and most flavorful brunches in town. The menu, like most brunches in town, is smaller but with some divine dishes. Decadent doesn’t even come close to describing the Almond Brioche French Toast. And the egg scramble that is the Huevos Verdes is perfect for anyone wanting a flavorful breakfast loaded with veggies and protein. The cafe serves each dish with a glass of freshly squeezed orange juice, allowing patrons to enjoy them in its quiet atmosphere.

New York:

New York
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New York is a foodie’s haven, but that doesn’t mean it makes it easy to find what you want. Having so many options can sometimes overwhelm finding a great meal. Before a specific craving leaves you clueless about where to go, conduct research. The web can provide great insight, and so can a little on-foot exploring should you be walking around.

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