The Best Bits of London in Summer

As the capital city, London has a lot to offer tourists, especially during the summer months. In this article, John from London daily deals specialists looks at some of London’s key attractions. The Best Bits of London in Summer.

Bits Of London In Summer:

Great Britain is one of only a few countries to have a reigning monarch, so when visiting London, any itinerary should include a trip to Buckingham Palace. Although you’re unlikely to see Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II, there is still much to see.

Buckingham Palace:

Buckingham Palace
Image by: Pixabay

The ‘Changing of the Guard’ occurs daily at 11:30 am from May through to July, involving the transfer of guarding duties from one regiment to another.  The ceremony lasts around 45 minutes and lets you see the iconic Grenadier Guards. You can also tour the State Rooms at Buckingham Palace, where the Royal Family hosts guests, presents awards, and fulfills other public duties.

Changing Of The Guards, Buckingham Palace:

Changing of the Guards, Buckingham Palace
Image by: Flickr

The London Eye:

If the weather is nice, the London Eye provides the perfect opportunity to take in the stunning views of London City, The London Eye experience lasts around 30 minutes and will take you 135 meters into the air to view iconic sights such as Big Ben, the River Thames, Westminster, and the entire London cityscape. You can enjoy the ride in one of the public capsules or in a private one. Which makes the whole experience much more personal. On a balmy summer’s evening, the London Eye will allow you to see the city lit up, too.

Tower Bridge:

Tower Bridge
Image by: Pixabay

Are you know the Tower Bridge is one of the most famous bridges over the River Thames and is a popular tourist attraction. The combined bascule and suspension bridge slowly raises for the boat to pass underneath, offering the best view when a ship passes. Pedestrian walkways provide access to the stunning River Thames scenery when the bridge is not raised. However, for optimal viewing and photography, it’s recommended to observe the bridge further down the Thames, especially at dusk when Tower Bridge is illuminated.

The Tate Gallery:

If you are looking for a rainy day activity this summer, the Tate Gallery is ideal. Housing some of the most astounding art exhibitions in the world, the Tate Modern in London is popular with locals and tourists. Exhibitions for summer 2012 include pieces by Damien Hurst, paintings from Norwegian-born Edvard Munch, and Joy of Life and Singles Night exhibitions by Ei Arakawa. There are also several evening exhibitions, including Tate Blackouts. Which are great for adding to your holiday itinerary when other attractions are closed.

St Pauls Cathedral:

St Paul’s Cathedral is renowned as a symbol of hope and strength in London. As well as a monument to God and holding many different services, the cathedral also showcases some beautiful architecture. The best way to enjoy everything that St Paul’s Cathedral has to offer is by participating in one of the regular guided tours which share the history of the cathedral.

London Aquarium:

London Aquarium
Image by: Pixabay

Another great attraction to combat the unpredictable UK summer weather is the London Aquarium. This large aquarium is home to over 1,000 marine creatures spanning 500 species. Set over three floors, the London Aquarium has many exhibits, including a new Shark Reef for 2012, which includes 40 sharks. There are 14 different themed zones displaying marine life from around the world. This attraction is ideal if you are visiting London with children.

These are just a few attractions a visitor to London can experience on a summer’s day.

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