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South Korea is somewhat overshadowed on tourist itineraries by its close neighbors Japan and China. However, it does attract large numbers of Westerners looking to teach English. As these jobs are pretty easy to pick up there and provide a good opportunity for exploring the country as well. But South Korea has a lot to offer the independent traveler as a destination in its own right, and with cheap car hire readily available here, it’s an ideal spot to head out for and explore in greater depth. Explore South Korea by car.

South Korea By Car:

The cost of living in South Korea is not as high as in Japan, although it’s not the cheapest in SE Asia either. Also, as it’s so near to both China and Japan, South Korea can be made to fit in very well on a trip that also takes in those two countries, as the ferry services between them are regular and reliable.

South Korea:

South Korea
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A modern and well-maintained road network serves South Korea well, with the scenery usually being impressive. As more than seventy percent of the country is mountainous, the views from the car can often be spectacular, and in late October, the blankets of trees that cover their slopes are spectacular. This also applies in the spring months, when the beautiful cherry blossom swiftly gives way to a blanket of azaleas.


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South Korea is so compact that you can cross the country from one coast to the other in less than one day. So on even a relatively short visit, you can get to experience most of what it has to offer. Hiking is a particular pastime here, and getting to the start of the many trails by car is a great convenience if you’re looking for complete independence and not relying on a package all-inclusive deal that sees you shunted about in groups.

South Korea’s Capital:

South Korea’s capital
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Seoul, South Korea’s capital, has plenty of sights to keep you busy for a day or more, and it’s not too congested either. Parking is not a problem here, and even on the grounds of the five imposing royal palaces. You’ll find space to put the motor before setting out on foot. Some of these palaces go back to the 15th century. And they boast the added attraction of being set in some of the most spectacular surroundings. And also gorgeous gardens in the country.

Like their Japanese neighbors, the South Koreans are avid horticulturalists and have a passion for exotic blooms, which they regard with an almost religious affection. The Changdeokgung Palace contains some of the finest examples. And the best of these is the Piwon, a landscaped complex of pavilions and ponds. The Kimchi Museum is also well worth a visit. This ornamental building dedicates itself to exploring the history and uses of South Korea’s national dish, the pickled cabbage.


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A hire car also allows you easy access to Gyeongju. The ancient capital and one of the top 10 most important cultural sites on earth, and numerous other places of interest. Such as the Korean Folk Village near Seoul, which is much more interesting than its naff name might suggest.

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