Dishes you must try when you are in Trinidad and Tobago

These two Caribbean islands cook a mouthwatering blend of African, Chinese, Indian, and European-influenced cuisine. Dishes are replete with delicate spicing, tender meats, fried bread, and sugar-encrusted desserts. Whose dishes you must try when you are in Trinidad and Tobago?

Dishes You Must Try:

Dining opportunities are endless; open-air restaurants populate the beaches, roti stalls dot every corner, and locals open their yard doors to set up cafes and quick foodie joints. With all that’s on offer, it’s hard to whittle down a list of must-eats, but we’ve managed, and below is every sumptuous dish you cannot miss while holidaying in tend.

Macaroni Pie:

Macaroni Pie
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Unlike its overseas cousin, Macaroni Pie is prepared differently, resulting in a more cheesy, intense, and less sloppy dish than the European version. People mix the pasta with plenty of cheese, season it well with a splash of peppery sauce for a bit of heat, and then lay it flat in a square baking tin, cooking it until crispy on top. The result is perfect squares of cheese-coated pasta slices straight from the pan.

Brown Down Chicken:

Brown Down Chicken
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Brown Down Chicken is a spicy stew with a thick, sweet sauce. The chicken and onions are caramelized in brown sugar, which, along with the spices, gives the stew its russet color.

Festival Bread:

Festival Bread is fried dumplings; crispy on the outside and light and doughy within. The corn flour and dash of sugar give the bread a sweet, moreish taste and can accompany any plate of food.


Dumplings have a slightly slimy and slippery texture, but they are delicious, and if you’re craving some carbs, they are the ultimate bready fix. People serve them with various dishes, but you will often see them with curried crab and coconut.


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Breadfruit has a very intense aroma, a kind of love-it-or-hate-it smell. When the breadfruit is at its peak of ripeness the waft is noticeable from yards away, not entirely unpleasant but intense. However, smell aside, it does taste good. It has a dense texture and feels like eating a tropical potato/bread. In the traditional recipe for Breadfruit Oil Down, people boil the fruit in coconut milk and eat it with salted meat.


Rotis are ubiquitous on the streets of Tobago, and you cannot walk for more than five minutes without spotting a stall. Flour wraps stuff curried meat or vegetables and come in many variations, including split peas, thinner flatbread, or chickpeas.

Coconut Bake:

Coconut Bake
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People usually serve Coconut Bake, a bread made with grated coconut, at breakfast with cheese or bull. The accompaniment, bull, consists of salted codfish shredded and covered in peppers.

Black Cake:

People mainly serve Black Cake, a satisfying amalgamation of dried fruits, lemon zest, vanilla, and brandy, during Christmastime. The cake packs a punch, with the soused fruits plumping and swelling in the warm brandy. You will recognize this cake by its delicate white icing decoration, proudly sitting on any table.

Peanut Punch:

Peanut Punch
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Peanut Punch is the drink of the beach. One sip, and you are in heaven, even if you are not much of a nut fan. The punch combines rich condensed milk with peanuts, sugar, and cinnamon (sometimes nutmeg), and vendors sell it icy cold on sidewalks.

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