What Is Chainsaw And How To Choose Your Chainsaw

How To Choose Your Chainsaw? A chainsaw is a motorized, portable saw that varies in size and power depending on the model. People use it in general farming, but it finds its primary use in specialized agriculture such as forestry and arboriculture. It also serves purposes in logging, gardening, and green areas, mainly for pruning, wall trimming, maintenance work, and cutting firewood.

How To Choose Your Chainsaw?

The chainsaw is equipped with a blade on which a chain is mounted to cut wood of varying diameters, depending on the model of chainsaw chosen. There are nowadays models of chainsaws that are wire, thermal or battery powered, depending on the comparison.

The Top 5 Chainsaw Brands:

Here are some top Chainsaw brands that you should know about it.

Stihl Chainsaws:

Stihl, according to customer reviews and comparisons, is a leading brand in the world of motorcycling. This German brand was the first to market chainsaws and today can be found in more than 160 countries. Known for the quality of these tools, Stihl is one of the best brands in product tests and comparisons. The company offers thermal, wire, battery powered chainsaws as well as pruners and mini saws.

Echo Chainsaws:

Echo chainsaws
Image by: Pexels

This Japanese brand is always well placed in the comparisons of the best machines. The chainsaws are of high quality and the price-performance ratio is interesting. Among the models offered by the brand are wire saws, thermal cut-off saws, mini saws and thermal pole pruners. The brand only offers machines with robust and reliable motors, which allows it to win the favour of customer opinions in product tests.

Makita Chainsaws:

Makita is an ingenious Japanese label that has carried over the Dolmar label, thus complementing the current range of chainsaws with even more suitable, battery-operated devices. It is also frequently observed in product comparisons and trials.

McCulloch Chainsaws:

The American brand often figures prominently in comparisons. Its chainsaws are recognizable by their power but also by their black colour. It therefore offers versatile thermal and electric corded models of high quality according to customer reviews.

Ryobi Chainsaws:

Ryobi chainsaws
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Customers recognize the Japanese brand for its quality models at competitive prices in comparisons and tests. Its expertise: battery-powered chainsaws. But you will also find wired and thermal models that also offer good quality according to comparisons.

How Does A Chainsaw Work?

Whether your unit is thermal or wired, the operation of the unit remains the same. As soon as the engine starts, it drives a link chain mounted on a guide bar, allowing it to cut the wood.

An internal combustion chainsaw, for example, features a two or four-stroke engine. The engine runs on gasoline and needs lubrication to operate properly. A starter motor initiates the unit. The electric chainsaw operates by connecting it to the mains or using a battery. The cutting speed can be easily adjusted on these types of  Chainsaw models.


Concretely, it is a device that will allow you to obtain the best cut in the case of pruning of more or less large trees but also in the cutting of firewood, maintenance of hedges, etc.

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