Motorcycle junkyards is a great way to get a high-end motorcycle at a reasonable price. I am not joking. I’ve seen listings where people are selling quality Ducati bikes for around $2000-$4000. That’s a steal considering a brand new Ducati could set you back $10,000 to $20,000. But what’s the catch. These bikes need work. Some had minor to major accidents and some may have frame or body damage. Some may only need cosmetic items some just need engine care. Someone who knows about remanufacturing engine parts.

Motorcycle Junkyards:

This might be coming for a high-end bike like a Ducati. These are very fast bikes and if not looked after and maintained over the years, engines can fail.

But where would you find salvaged motorcycles? You can find salvaged motorcycles in different places, like your nearby junkyard, local newspaper, or auction websites. I personally recommend auction sites. Mainly because the selection is so good. You can probably find anything you are looking for from a Honda to a Suzuki to a Ducati. With so much choice, it will probably be very easy to find exactly what you want.

Ok, now you have found your dream bike. Here are some pointers to evaluate your purchase;

Don’t Buy Quickly:

Don't Buy Quickly
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Don’t buy the first bike you see. Take your time and bring a friend who knows bikes so you can both inspect the bike. This is very important as buying a bike is usually an impulse buy. Your friend will not be associated with the purchase so they can give you an honest opinion.

Look Overall:

How does the bike look overall? Yes, the bike may have been involved in an accident, but don’t accept anything you can’t fix. Especially when you need to replace parts because of a shabby paint job. Also, check that the bike is facing down in the center line and in the forks.

Confirm Accidental Or Not:

Was the bike in an accident? Yes, this is a recovery bike, but fixing frame damage can get expensive.

Test Drive:

Test Drive
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When test driving a motorcycle, there are several things to pay attention to. Start by checking the bike’s starting mechanism and engine sound. Take note of how smoothly it accelerates and shifts gears. If possible, take a test drive. Because the bike was an accident, you may not be able to take the bike on a test ride. But if you can, that’s a plus. Pay attention to how the motorcycle handles at different speeds and around corners.

Check If Needs Repairing:

When buying a motorcycle from a junkyard, it’s important to thoroughly inspect it for any signs of needed repairs. Pay close attention to the frame and chassis for any signs of structural damage. Inspect the tires for wear and tear, and check for any leaks or strange noises when the engine is running Check the clutch, brakes, gas tank, wheels, suspension, seat and tires. The less defective, the less needs to be repaired. These are just some of the points to check. For a more in-depth assessment, take a mechanic who specializes in motorcycle repairs.

Remember there are many great salvage bike deals out there, you just need to follow the steps to find them.

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