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There is some great-looking motorcycle clothing on the market today, but believe me, not all motorcycle clothing offers as much protection as you think. For motorcycle clothing to be legitimately sold as “safety” clothing in Europe it has to meet a set of European standards which are quite lengthy but are available on my website. The standards cover the clothing’s performance in abrasion, tear and impact tests and when they pass; They are sold with the CE mark. Motorcycle protective clothing

Motorcycle Protective Clothing:

Not many people know that most motorcycle injuries occur below the waistline. Your legs and feet are extremely vulnerable so make sure you wear a decent pair of tall boots and protective pants. Pants should be reinforced at the knees and hips; Ideally, they should be zipped to your jacket. Boots should be thick leather, with a sole that can flex with the foot but is resistant to crushing over the foot.


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Usually, motorcycle clothes are made of leather, but strong nylon and other fake materials are good too. Jeans with Kevlar are safer than normal ones. Regular jeans only last 0.6 seconds in a test, but special motorcycle pants can last 5 seconds or longer You don’t want to rip your skin out in less than half a second after falling off your bike, do you? Didn’t think so.


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The same principles apply to jackets. Make sure they are durable. If it’s leather, make sure it’s thick leather and not fancy leather like some jackets. Seams should be even, with no dropped stitches, and ideally, some impact protection should reinforce all your “sharp parts”, such as your elbows and shoulders.


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A decent pair of gloves is a must; Your palms are at risk in an accident; You instinctively stretch your hands palm down to stop yourself from slipping. Knitted Kevlar lends itself particularly well to this type of abrasion resistance, but reinforced leather also works well.

Impact Protection:

You can buy impact protection separately, such as back protectors and whatnot, but keep in mind your most vulnerable areas. And make sure when you buy crash protection that you wear it! When in doubt, it might be better to opt for motorcycle clothing with some impact protection. So, you know the protection is always there when you put on your jacket and pants.


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Last but not least, choose a helmet that you can wear and wear it at all times. While the risk of injuring yourself below the hip in a motorcycle accident is greater. The consequences of an accident without a helmet are simply unimaginable.

Riding motorcycles is fun, but it’s important to stay safe. Always wear a helmet when you ride. Helmets protect your head in case of accidents. There are many designs and styles. You can have any design that fits you the best. And also see that it suits you there is a variety of colours as well so have the best colour or you can have your favourite colour too. So you will be safe when you enjoy your bike ride.


When you go shopping for motorcycle clothes again, remember to think about how well they protect you before you decide to buy them.

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